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Archived Before & After Photos

Commercial Strip and Wax Makes Floors Shine in Mobile, AL

Daily wear and tear can take their toll on tile floors, especially in high traffic areas. A local educational institution called SERVPRO of Mobile County to pr... READ MORE

The Esporta Cleaning System

SERVPRO of Mobile County are experts in specialized textile cleaning. As one of the only facilities along the Gulf Coast to have the Esporta Washing System, we... READ MORE

Upholstery Cleaning

Have you ever visited a truck stop along a major interstate for a quick bite to eat? An establishment can easily become dirty due to the exorbitant quantity of ... READ MORE

Crawfish for a Cause in Mobile, AL

Crawfish for a Cause is an annual charity event that we host to benefit local community causes. Over it's inception 7 years ago, Crawfish for a Cause has gown ... READ MORE

Document Restoration

Water Damage can be devastating when important documents are affected. Whether it is personal items or client information vital records could be lost when your ... READ MORE

Kitchen Mold

In this house in Midtown Mobile, SERVPRO of Mobile County found massive amounts of mold on the wall under the sink. Because we understand water travels everywh... READ MORE

Hidden Mold

A water loss in the attic of this home led to damage in the ceiling area of the second floor. The leak had been ongoing and was not noticed until the paint on ... READ MORE

Residential Mold Damage in Mobile, AL

SERVPRO of Mobile County was called in to address a water damage situation in the kitchen area of this home. We first set up a containment area to keep the mold... READ MORE

Hurricane Harvey Cleanup in Houston, TX

Flood damage in this Houston home left structure and contents soaked with water damage and sewage. We removed the damaged personal items and returned it to our ... READ MORE

Sewage Backup Mobile, AL

Water from sewer system backups should be considered very dangerous. The water is grossly unsanitary and may contain bacteria and viruses that could cause serio... READ MORE

Extensive Mold in Tub, Satsuma, AL

People often ask what is the difference between mildew and mold? Well they are very similar but there are a couple of key differences. Mildew and mold both th... READ MORE

Moldy Ceiling in Mobile, AL

A small water leak can cause widespread damage, especially if it is in a concealed area such as the ceiling or wall cavity. Homeowners often don’t realiz... READ MORE

Leaking Ceiling Pipes in Semmes, AL

SERVPRO of Mobile County was called when this homeowner had a leaky pipe in the ceiling of their home. Much as is the case when hidden pipes spring a leak, the... READ MORE

Soaking Carpets Salvaged in Mobile, AL

The month of May is notoriously stormy here along the Gulf Coast and that is exactly what caused water damage to this Mobile, AL home. SERVPRO of Mobile County... READ MORE

Plumbing Problems in Mobile, AL

A little leak can have big consequences. A plumbing issue with a sink in the restroom led to a flooded office in this downtown Mobile accounting firm. When we ... READ MORE

Nursing Home Sprinker System Leak in Mobile, AL

A faulty commercial sprinkler system can lead to a big mess, as you can see from these photos. Sprinkler systems with leaking pipes or joints that rupture can ... READ MORE

Saving Family Treasures After a Fire

The chest in these photos held great sentimental value to this customer. The chest they had built with their own two handles suffered extensive damage after a ... READ MORE

Fire Displaces Family in Saraland, AL

SERVPRO of Mobile County responded to a fire in the Saraland area that badly damaged one room of a residential structre. The fire was caused by a candle that w... READ MORE

Sooty Cabinets in Mobile, AL

It's not surprising that the most common source of a residential fire is the kitchen. The smoke and soot that clung to the wall and upper cabinets of this home ... READ MORE

Storm Roof Damage

Storm damage occurred at this Saraland community center when a strong band of thunderstorms opened up a leak in the roof of the building. Gallons of dirty wate... READ MORE

Storm Surge Downtown Mobile, AL

When Hurricane Nate slammed into Mobile, the storm surge created problems for many downtown businesses, including this restaurant. By the time the employees ent... READ MORE

Wrath of Hurricane Nate in Mobile, AL

Storms can often be devastating in the state of Alabama. In the case of this building some of the roof was damaged during Hurricane Nathan resulting in water co... READ MORE

From Fire to Finish, Mobile AL

Devastating fire but beautiful restoration. Having a fire start in the kitchen caused this home to have some serious damage. The home was covered in soot and sm... READ MORE

Why Does Mold Grow?

The reason for mold growing behind these cabinets is due to excess moisture. Mold needs organic material, moisture, and about 48 hours to grow. The cabinets wer... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Mobile, AL

Imagine coming home and finding your home covered in mold. The family of this Mobile, AL home found the mold and immediately looked up remediation specialist on... READ MORE

Storm Related Damage in Mobile, AL

In our area summer downpours and even tropical storms often bring torrential rain and wind, driving rainwater into buildings. Waterlogged wall panels can be rem... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Mobile, AL

Fire damage engulfed the second floor of this Mobile, AL home. The homeowners and their insurance and adjuster feared it was a total loss. SERVPRO of Mobile Cou... READ MORE

Storm Water Damage in Mobile, AL

This basement section of the service area in a Mobile, AL business was covered with several inches of water when the sump pump failed. Too many homeowners have... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss in Mobile, AL

The running water from the kitchen of this senior care facility in Mobile, AL saturated the commercial grade carpeting. To prevent water damage to the legs of t... READ MORE

Mold Damage in an Office Closet

Mold damage was discovered at this Saraland, AL office in a storage room. When our IICRC Certified technicians begin remediation of mold damage such as this, th... READ MORE

Unoccupied Condo in Spring Hill Area in Mobile, AL

Unoccupied homes that are not regularly inspected can have significant damage if pipes burst or other leaks occur. Standing water on hardwood flooring, if remov... READ MORE

Water Damage

Water damage to this home’s garage was the result of a plumbing leak in a second-floor bathroom. Fortunately, it was discovered quickly when the residents... READ MORE

Mold Everywhere

When dealing with a mold issue it is extremely important that you only trust a certified mold remediation expert to treat the problem. As you can see in these ... READ MORE

Saraland Fire Department Gear in Saraland, AL

At SERVPRO of Mobile County, we are continually looking for ways to improve and expand our services. One way in which we have done that is by implementing the ... READ MORE

Wipe All Your Worries Away in Mobile, AL

When it comes to fire cleaning and restoration, nobody does it like the experts at SERVPRO of Mobile County. How do we achieve such amazing results? It’s... READ MORE

Helping Hands after a Fire in Semmes, AL

Helping Hands:When you experience a fire in your home, the effects can be lasting. Even if the fire doesn’t cause structural damage, there is usually sec... READ MORE

Commercial Strip and Wax in Mobile, AL

Everyone knows that we can handle anything when it comes to Fire, Water, and Mold but you may not realize that we are so much more! At SERVPRO of Mobile County... READ MORE

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Mobile, AL

When it comes to cleaning, sometimes you need more than just your standard janitorial service. For day to day upkeep they may get the job done, but for those a... READ MORE

Soot Removal Specialists

Even a fire in a small portion of your home can have far reaching effects. The smoke and soot can travel from one end to the other touching a wide range of you... READ MORE

Textile Cleaning

At SERVPRO of Mobile County, we want to be your “one stop shop”. As part of that commitment, we invested in state-of-the-art technology to clean te... READ MORE

Yes We Can

When it comes to fire, water and mold, everyone knows that we are the industry leaders. But did you know that we are also leading the pack when it comes to cle... READ MORE

SERVPRO Serves: Feeding Firefighters

As part of our commitment to giving back to our community, we started a program in 2017 to show our local firefighters our appreciation for all that they do. Un... READ MORE

Giving Back

As part of our commitment to giving back to the community we serve, SERVPRO of Mobile County has implemented several programs including SERVPRO Serves: Feeding ... READ MORE

Start to Finish

When it comes to taking care of our customers after a fire, SERVPRO of Mobile County can handle it all! We have the training, technology and facilities to take... READ MORE

Time Matters

When it comes to water damage in your home or business time is one of the most critical factors when it comes to minimizing damage. Water damage that is left c... READ MORE

SERVPRO of Mobile County Responds to Water Damage in Grand Bay, AL

At SERVPRO of Mobile County, our IICRC Certified technicians are on stand by 24/7 to answer the call for help with any type of water damage emergency. Whether ... READ MORE

Burst Pipe Creates Mess in Mobile, AL Home

When a pipe bursts in your home it can create quite an issue not just for the room it is located in, but for adjoining rooms as well. Recently SERVPRO of Mobil... READ MORE

Crawlspace Mold Remediation Job in Mobile, AL

When it comes to mold remediation, more often than not, it can put our team members in some pretty "tight" situations. In these photos you can see the crawlspa... READ MORE

Water Leak Repair in Theodore, AL

Many times, hidden water leaks can lead to much larger issues. A leaky pipe hidden in a wall may go unnoticed for long periods of time. The first sign is ofte... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire Damage in Citronelle, AL

Did you know that cooking equipment is the leading cause of residential fires? According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) between 2013 and 20... READ MORE

Mold Growth in Kitchen of Mobile, AL Home

When water damage occurs in hidden spaces such as behind walls or under cabinetry, it often goes undetected for long periods of time. Many times, the homeowner... READ MORE

Tarping Services in Mobile, AL

At SERVPRO of Mobile County, we are committed to being a "one stop shop" for our clients. With that idea in mind, we expanded our service lines to include cons... READ MORE

Ice Maker Causes Water Damage in Mobile, AL

Did you know that ice maker lines are one of the most common causes of residential water damage? This was the case when SERVPRO of Mobile County was called out... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage in Mobile, AL

SERVPRO of Mobile County was recently called out to this commercial building in Mobile, AL to handle a large scale water damage situation. A roof leak during a... READ MORE

Cleaning Soot Covered Contents in Mobile, AL

When you experience a fire in your home it can be overwhelming. Often a small fire in one area of the room can lead to contents damage throughout the structure... READ MORE

Restaurant with Water Damage in Mobile, AL

At SERVPRO of Mobile, we understand that water damage in your business disrupts business and needs to be handled as quickly as possible. We are dedicated to th... READ MORE

COVID-19 Cleaning Myths

As cases begin to rise once again, we have many companies that are capitalizing on COVID-19 Cleanup. Many of these companies are newcomers to the specialized c... READ MORE


Archived Before & After Photos