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Business Covid-19 cleaning in Mobile, AL

Brick and Mortar Businesses to Commercial Boat Covid-19 Cleaning

Not all of our clients have a brick and mortar office, we provide Bio-Hazard and Covid-19 Cleanings to all types of clients in the Mobile, AL area. Our teams are professionally trained, experienced and have the proper tools and  equipment for all of your company's needs. 

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned window cling being applied by hand with black glove on.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned Services in Mobile, AL

As we head into flu season, it is more important than ever to protect yourself due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19. At SERVPRO of Mobile County, we are always Here To Help with our Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned services. Our team members have undergone extensive training to receive IICRC Certification in the removal of biohazard pathogens.  We follow all CDC guidelines regarding cleaning and disinfection procedures.  We utilize only EPA approved List N products to fight the spread of COVID-19. When you need superior cleaning and disinfection for your home or business, you need SERVPRO - the Team Behind The Clean.

picture of crawfish and man in white tyvec suit

A Day Like This

We have been working nonstop recently in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.  In addition to proactive cleanings, we have been cleaning, sanitizing and fogging local healthcare facilities that have been hit especially hard by the Coronavirus.  Following proper PPE standards as set by OSHA and the IICRC, our team members spend long days in hot Tyvek suits to help those in our community.  On days like that, you need food like this!  Fueling our team at the end of a long day for the next day of battle is just one small way we can say thank you for all of their hard work!